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About the Committee

Templeton 4 th of July Committee is made up of 12 groups who share equitably in the efforts and ultimate profits of these fund raising efforts. The Committee will not grow beyond these groups. All of the funds raised are used in support of the Youth of Templeton. The following groups belong to the Committee: Templeton Kiwanis, Templeton 4H, Templeton Boy Scout Troop 434, Templeton Lions, Templeton 4H Beef Group, Templeton High School FFA PSG, Templeton 4H Goat Group, Templeton High School Football, TIMBA (THS Band support group), Templeton 4H Swine Group, Templeton Cub Scout Pack 434 and Templeton 4H Sheep Group.

Script Sales

Each group within the 4th of July committee has the ability to increase their portion of the proceeds by pre-selling Script. Script is a prepaid voucher that is applied toward the purchase of fireworks at the booth. It is redeemed much the same way as a prepaid gift certificate.  


There is a significant benefit to selling script over traditional booth sales. Each group that sells script makes 40 percent on their script sales as opposed to the 8.3 percent of the profits from the booth sales.  

Staffing Needs

The fireworks booth requires around the clock staffing from June 29th through July 4th. their is also a clean up requirement on the morninng of July 5th. Select the button below to sign up to volunteer. 

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